ducks and chickens in same coop


11 Years
Sep 9, 2008
I inherited 15 chickens and 3 ducks. At present they are all in the same coop at night. They freerange during the day. My husband was wondering if maybe the ducks should have their own coop. What do you think?
From what I hear the ducks are quite alot messier than the chickens and require some water to splash in too. The chickens would be in an environment breeding diseases with the dirt wet all the time..just my opinion, but I would separate their living problems with them mingling socially but the chickens will need a drier pen. Good luck
Here is My opinion...

I have 11 chickens and 3 ducks. This is my first winter with them and I will NOT house them together! The ducks are terribly messy and the chickens would never have clean water or food unless I put it up high where the ducks could not get it. And my chickens would poop on my ducks too.... so, I hope to start a duck pen next week. The runs are going to butt up to each other because the ducks LOVE to be near the chickens.

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