Ducks and clipping wings? And more questions!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by asher, Jul 6, 2008.

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    I have mini australian spotted ducks and mini silver appleyard ducklings that I am picking up today. 8 total. [​IMG]

    So...I want them to stick around. They'll be in a fenced in run with a fenced "roof" on the run, BUT I would like to be able to let them run around our yard while I'm outside relaxing. I don't want to risk them flying away. Would you clip a ducks wing? If so, how?! Is it the same as clipping a chicken?

    Also, I have no clue on gender. I'm giving my next door neighbor three and would like to give her a trio. Most were hatched at the end of April. Should I be able to tell the gender at this point? And I was told she can't tell the two breeds apart. Any tips for doing that at this point?

    Assuming I kept the two breeds together, could they successfully breed and have babies at some point or would they be mules?

    Thanks so much! :)
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    I have standard appleyards and it has only been int he last week - 10 days that I could begin to point out the drakes and the hens. I am not sure if it works the same in the mini appleyards.

    Try looking at feathersite

    I do know by now you should be able to start seeing the faint ring forming around the males necks. The females are very light and should be loosing alot of the color on their head and becoming lighter.

    So far my ducks don't fly and I haven't seen them try.

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