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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by jack & mommy's duckies, Sep 18, 2010.

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    Jan 24, 2010
    I had someone toss a bunny over my fence this week into my duck/goose pen. I was going to eat it when I culled next weekend. But this bunny is kinda growing on me and is very sweet.

    Here is my question:

    Can you house bunnies with ducks, geese, and chickens??? I'm more concerened about sickeness.....birds eating bunny poo...and things like that.

    Any ideas would be helpful........Or should I be building bunny his own home near my birds???

    Opinions please, and if you think I should use seperate housing...can you supply some ideas...This is my first bunny.

    Thanks so much [​IMG]
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    I would keep them separated, I have 12 house bunnies and 2 ducks and well the drake likes to chase the bunnies and nip at them, plus there isn't so much about the ducks eating the rabbit poop, but the rabbit hopping and licking itself and the duck poop, the bunny would have more disease issues then the ducks. If you go to a store thta sales Organize it cubes for college books or storage, ect. Those are very cheap and sturdy rabbits cages, all mine are made out of organize it cubes and zipped tied together.
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    Sep 12, 2010
    Southeast MO
    Hi, [​IMG] I keep my bunny outside with my chickens all the time. [​IMG] When he was a baby i would take him inside a lil each day. Other then that he lived in my rabbit hutch, when I got chickens I built a yard for them that the rabbit could not get out of and put his hutch in it. I would let him out when I was home, i was worried about how the chickens would treat him but they were just fine together. Then I started letting him out in the mron and putting him up at night, because i was worried about him messing with the chickens when they were on the roost, but he couldn't care less about the chickens, he was just happy to be out. Now I never put him up, he just goes in and out as he pleases, sometimes he even sleeps with the chickens. He loves eating chicken feed [​IMG] also and when he digs a hole the chickens love takeing dust baths in the new drit. One time he did get out (because i left the door open [​IMG] ) but i just called his name, picked him up, and put him back. [​IMG] In the winter I fill his hutch full of hay to keep him warm and the hens love to lay their eggs in the hay also.

    this is my bunny eating chicken feed [​IMG] , the chickens and the bunny get along great

    here he is goffing off in the yard, he loves [​IMG] to run through groups of hens in the yard
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    LOL I just love those pictures! I was always worried about my bunnies gettin coccidia(sp) from the ducks. But after 1 of my rabbits going into the igloo and breaking an egg I don't let them be together. But I love the pictures, that is great!!

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