Ducks and their treats - go figure!


8 Years
Jul 18, 2011
Snohomish County, WA
I have tried numerous things for treats, but it seems I have very picky ducks.

Hard boiled egg - no go
Black sunflower seeds - some will eat a few
Cabbage - they have loved since they were little ducklings - also duck weed!
Cantaloupe - forget it
Lettuce - it's okay, but we want something better
Peas - love love love, but it was a learning process
Celery and carrots - nope
Swiss chard and kale - gobbled it up
Apple - forget you!
Blueberries - yum! Even pick them off the bushes in their old run

This morning I gave them green peppers. I would have expected them to turn their bills up at it, but they gobbled it down. (Thought the strong taste would deter them). No hesitation or caution, they just gobbled it down.

I put the two planters that I grew mesclun in this summer (for the ducks) in the duck run this morning. Now it has been frost burned and was bitter a couple of months ago. The ate it to the soil line.

Oddly, I gave them a bowl of egg shells from the 24 eggs I made deviled eggs from for Christmas (some egg in shells), they demolished the whole bowl and a couple of hours even though they have oyster shell available free choice.

They prefer dandelions and bugs and slugs....kind of hard to come by in the winter!

I thought it was tough to cook for my I-don't- eat-veggies husband! (he married a gardener - he has since learned to eat veggies and enjoy them - secret - just don't cook them to mush!)
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Lol. The only thing my ducks have liked that I've tried so far are peas and worms. Worms are kind of hard to find right now, so they've just been getting peas.
I gave our ducks some tuna casserole.... I put in a bowl and walked away..........they gobbled it up!!! Loved it!!!!!
Mine hate peas! And carrots! And most stuff! HOWEVER! They LOVE LOVE LOVE! Cellery! They cant get enough of it! That and fried eggs! Talk about yummy for them!

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