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    Ok, so its not Winter yet and this drought and heat have us like crazy here in Texas, but I have all my flocks with coops, and in Winter which are wet and very cold from as low as 24 to 50s depending on Mother Nature and her mood...I have heat lamps in the coops with red lights. and the door closes if I need to close them...but my Ducks, this is there first winter and first time Ive had ducks...I do have a coop for them, but they NEVER USE IT!!! EVER!!! And its a nice size, with shavings. They lay there eggs outside on the ground in leafs....

    So how do I keep them warm in winter? Do they need a heat lamp also? If I lock them up inside the house, they are stuck in there until I get them out at 830-9am, means they would be locked down from about 7pm-til roughly 9am at latest. So can someone give me duck tips on how to care for them in winter, and will the cold water in there pen be too cold since they are low to the ground, is that dumb sounding? YES IT IS!!!! I just want to do right by my babies. Can they be put in with my flocks? or will the flock try and attack them, since they do another chicken when I put one in there???


    this is there home that they dont use:

    I got it for free if I could move it from the guys property...and we did, it took up all the back end of our dodge ram truck!!! And its solid.

    My flocks have this luxury, more space with vents:
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    Ducks are really could hardy. We have shelters for them in our aviaries and they often choose to sit out in the snow. Their feathers and fat keep them well insultated. They don't even mind swimming in cold water. I wouldn't put my ducks in with my chickens in the coop, just because ducks are so much messier and they would probably annoy the chickens.

    I do have ducks in the same aviary as some chickens, but the have a separate shelter. the ducks and chickens leave each other alone when the are ranging in that space.
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    Well, I can understand your concern. We lived in Texas for years and my extended family is still there.

    It doesn't EVER get cold enough in Texas to warrant a heat lamp for grown birds. They come with down coats and do just fine. I now live in Anchorage, Alaska and we do not heat our coops all winter long either. Give them plenty of bedding they can snuggle down in if they wish. Our coops have windows and vents that never close and the birds do great. As long as they are out of the wind and have shelter from rain, they will be fine.

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