Ducks are eating everything!

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Jan 3, 2017
Northern California
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Is there any plant a duck wont eat??

we have 3 Muscovy ducks and we have a small pond area with some rocks, grass and a few pond plants that i have put in there to make it look nice. except they keep eating the plants and ruining them! is there something i can try that they are not interested in?
Don't want to upset you but ducks are the most destructive dirty fowl on the planet. Only way to truly enjoy them and not become annoyed is to have a very large farm with a very large pond. If not then except the fact that they need daily cleaning etc.
Well...I love Ducks...
Plants to a Duck are to tempting..They will either eat them or noodle them to shreds....To a Duck everything is fun to play with.....Feathered Puppies all their lives....They are fantastic Birds.....

Best wishes...:frow

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