ducks attack duck

frosty greg

7 Years
Oct 28, 2012
we have 4 Mallard ducks had them from ducklings now 3 are ganging up on 1 duck and attacking it violently what can we do. we have separated them at the moment but we need a permanent solution can anybody help.. whats going on ????
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I have 5 Muscovy, 4 hens 1 drake. There was a time when the 3 brown hens would beat up on the black/white hen. They would not allow her to hang out with them etc. This started when they were about 6 months old, they are about 7-8 months old now and typically get along. It may resolve on its own, they are sorting out who is on the top and bottom of the totem poll. Duck fights can appear violent to us but if there are actual injuries involved I would definitely intervene. You could just separate them as Celtic suggested.

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