ducks chasing each other...


8 Years
Apr 19, 2011
loretto, pa
so as i had put in a previous post that my 2 ducks had finally wondered down to our ponds...well my boyfriends dad already has his 2 ducks down in the they r both female and i have a male & a the male duck was in the water yesterday chasing the one female around the pond...thinking that he is just showing the other 2 who the boss what i thought was really funny is the female duck was literally diving under the water and disappearing and popping up like 5 feet was really male duck would just start floating away like...ok...showed her...then she would pop up 5 feet away n he would take off after her again....i didnt know that ducks could dive like that let alone swim under water and pop up somewhere totally i am learning new stuff everyday..he is either showing her he is the boss or he is trying to mount her...but she was super

now...this isnt anything i have to worry about is it???
Nope, just ducks being ducks. I think you have come to the proper conclusion he is showing his dominance also with hopes of catching and mating the hen.

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