Ducks crop looks really full all the time


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Apr 3, 2014
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Hello. I have 2 ducklings one is is 4 weeks old and one is 3 weeks old. They both always look like their crops are really full. They are on a starter crumble feed and they do some foraging around the yard and when they have treats I make sure they get some "grit' with it...meaning clean sand from the yard. I have heard of impacted crop and am worried. Should I go get them chick grit? Do they look perfectly normal? And how would I know if it was impacted crop? And is there anything I could do about it if it was?

Its harder to see if first pic she wouldn't sit still but second picture is a good depiction of what I'm talking about


Is she pooping regularly?

You could give some probiotics. I have seen crops look like this before. Do they have food with water 24/7 or do they go without for a while between feedings?

Sometimes they'll gorge themselves if the food has run out. Silly ducks.
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Yes definitely pooping regularly. And they have food and water 24/7. And food and water 24/7 unless they somehow manage to dump it all at some point during the night. Silly question, do they have to be special "duck" probiotics?
I do not see anything to worry about. Remember that ducklings have both a different body shape and a crop that is more like an expandable esophagus rather than the blind out-pocket crop of a chicken.


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