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    Jul 10, 2010
    southern AL
    We have an ongoing problem with at least one dog and worms. They are not coming from fleas unless they are snacking on fleas in the yard - house and dogs are free of fleas.
    We do have lots of squirrels and the dogs LOVE squirrel poop (the 2 that get worms do anyway).
    THey also LOVE duck poop.

    Can the dogs get worms from snacking on duck poop?
    How do you tell if the ducks have worms? How do you treat them for worms? Where do I find what is needed to treat the ducks for worms?
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    Holy cow! Worms everywhere. I treat my dogs for heartworm and that seems to take care of the worm problem. You can probably do a byc search on duck worms and find out how to treat them. Good luck!
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    Mar 20, 2008
    Im bettin your ducks dont have worms but all it takes is one flea for your dog to get worms. I treat my dogs for heartworm also every month but that doesnt get rid of the flea type worms.I only get them rarely but when I do my vet gives me a single pill and they are gone. Plus there are other type round worms. If they eat the squirrel poop that is more than likely the problem. Squirrel season is just around the corner for us. [​IMG]
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    Oct 6, 2008
    My dogs and ducks/chickens share the same backyard (at different times!) and I've had a problem in the past w/parasites. Started going broke worming the dogs w/panacur every month. I now add diatomaceous earth to the duck/chicken food (1lb of DE per 50lbs feed) and add it into the dogs' food 5-7 days per month.

    No more parasites -- and a 50lb bag of DE lasts a long time. [​IMG]

    I ordered DE online and while the shipping cost more than the DE, it is far more cost-effective than using panacure or safeguard, and can be used to treat all the critters. Works great sprinkled in the pens, too, in the summer. Really helps keep the flies down.
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    Jul 10, 2010
    southern AL
    We use DE on the food for the dogs, didn't think to add any to the duck food. I might start that just in case.

    I thought the dobe ate a squirrel today... after I cleaned lots of blood from his leg that wasn't his, we went out to investigate and we found a fawn they were snacking on. No idea if they chased it down and killed it or if it just happened to jump the fence into the yard and died there and the dogs found it. We do know it wasn't there last night and it was fresh... and nasty!

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