ducks, drakes, and GEESE???

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Apr 1, 2019
ok so my babies are 3 weeks old now, and we have figured out we have one drake and one hen. that would bring my ratio to two drakes (one pekin, one khaki) and two hens (one khaki, and one rouen)

atleast until next year when we move, when i will order some babies from metzer farms. i was thinking (all girls) a cayuga, a welsh harlequin, a blue swedish, a saxony, and a fawn and white runner. also i want to order a pair of toulouse geese to raise with my ducks. does this sound like it would work? or would a trio of geese work better? someone told me i should just keep my two pairs of ducks and get a pair of geese?

(i’m also hopefully getting call ducks but they’ll hopefully be added in after these ducklings and goslings are grown and out of the house)


May 7, 2018
I have a female african/toulouse mix that I have raised with my chickens and ducks for the past year. She has been a wonderful addition to the flock. In fact, she is the most affectionate and docile of them all. However, once breeding season began, she had to be seperated from the ducks as my muscovy drake kept trying to mate with her. Since she was raised with them from the time that we got her at 5 weeks old, it was heartbreaking to have to seperate her from them. We decided at that point to add a couple more geese to the flock so we ended up getting 2 more female embden goslings. So to answer your question, you can definitely raise them together, but I highly suggest having more than one. I would also avoid male geese as they can become very territorial and protective over their females and will fight with any other males if they feel threatened.


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A peking drake will try to mate the tiny call ducks. Peking are huge in comparison. It is not a good combo especially for the calls.

Years ago I had to separate my ducks into same size groups just to get that peking drake off my Swedish ducks. I cannot imagine a poor call subjected to the drive of a peking.


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I beg to differ. I have calls, geese, goslings, and standard ducks all together. They sleep in the same coop, and free range all day. My gander has never done anything other than hiss at my calls, and even then only the drakes. They don't mind the hens at all. If anything, it's the call drakes that harass the big ducks. My standard drake has never tried to mate with my call hens.

My geese are American buffs. They are a very mellow breed, and are by far my gentlest birds.

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