Ducks eating rust?!

micah wotring

Apr 6, 2015
WV boy here!
Well, the title says it...I have free range ducks and when they found an old cattle shoot sitting (temporarily) in the yard they would eat the rust off of the floor of it. Normally I would just assume they would be fine. I mean, ducks know what's good for them, right? Anyway, what worries me is that that night when I picked up one of them he threw up. It was smooth and watery. Yellow/tan with no blood. I wasn't real rough with him and I kept him upright the whole time so I don't think it was coz I messed up his crop or anything. He and the others have been walking around, eating, drinking, and pooping like normal for a few days now and nobody has thrown up at all. Should I be worried?

Thanks all!



12 Years
Aug 4, 2009
not sure if this forum boosts old threads when we come back to them and comment, but just in case....
still wondering about an answer to if rust is dangerous for ducks. I have a chick feeder that I want to use with my ducklings, but the bottom of it is rusty. Not like, flaking off, just red rustiness that I can't seem to clean off. Will this contaminate their food at all?

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