Ducks for the beginner: Mandarin or Ring Teal?

Discussion in 'Ornamental Fowl (Swans, etc.)' started by DFCottage, Sep 27, 2012.

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    Hi all,
    I've been keeping/breeding chickens for years, and have decided to venture into ducks. I have some Saxonies and Cayugas coming from Holderreads next April, but would also like to keep an ornamental pair. (All permits for migratory waterfowl will be obtained). I'm finishing up a 10x20ft pen (with netting on top) with housing and a very cute little pool/pond for a pair, and I'm debating between a mandarin or ring teal pair. I am hoping she'll lay well and brood some babies, but I can also incubate. Does anyone have any recommendations on these 2 breeds, or think I should definitely try one over the other? They both have qualities I like.

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    You may want to post in this section since most of this thread have domestic only.
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    Mandarins for sure, and get them to look at not to hope for babies. Dont try and incubate them, they are harder than call ducks to hatch successfully. Moving your question over to the ornamental area will get you a better response.
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    Get em both! They both use woodduck type boxes. Plus they will get along great with each other.Hang four boxes in your pen.( more than just one nesting site help alot) Make two wth 3 inch openings and two with 4-5inch holes for the mandies. The manderins are showy and the ringed teal stay colored even during molt. The ringed teal make funny sounds and have whistling wings during flight. Good luck whichever way you choose.
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    No permits required for either breed you are asking about... As long as you live in the US. They are non native and are considered as livestock (chickens, domestics, etc). Your local Division of Wildlife Resources may tell you differently, but check the list of birds that require a permit and the Federal Law, as most on here have done.

    Both species are hardy and beautiful! They do get along great with each other, but do not keep them with your domestic ducks and the domestics are aggressive and can kill the ornamental hen in breeding season. They love peace and quiet, the mandarins more than the teal.

    The list...

    An explanation of what it means...
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    Get them both they will get along fine in a pen that size and both are very enjoyable species to keep
  7. kangababy

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    Mar 30, 2010
    I agree.. Get them both.. If I had to go with just one I would go with the ring teal beause they make cooler noises :)

    But in a 10x20 pen you can have both and a pair or two each.

    Also let them set on their own eggs for at least 10 days then you can incubate them and when they hatch put them in a brooder. They are both really easy to raise
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    Thanks for all the comments! With the pen that size I agree 2 pairs would be very nice, I'm just trying to decide now if I should get the Mandarins and the Teals, or just Teals. I'd like to have at least 1 pr of the Teals, they've just totally captivated me after all the research I've done. The standard size ducks I'll be getting in the spring (the Saxonies and Cayugas) will definitely not be housed with these little ones. I'm so thrilled to be getting into ducks.. and I think starting with some adults is a good way to go. Will post pics once they come in!


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