Ducks grow insanely fast


7 Years
Apr 17, 2012
Far Northern California
Like insanely. From each week I have seen them totally transform. But I have to say week 5 to week 6 was gigantic feather wise. At week 5 they were still pretty scraggly. And now in week 6...oh my gosh they look like ducks! The black ducks still have some bald spots on the wing tips and the Pekins still have a teeny bit of fuzzy down at the back of their head but wowee zowee are they ever soft and gorgeous!

I am really completely blown away with how fast ducks grow. Every single day we see a change. EVERY single day. Insane!

And really that is all. Random. But had to go shout it somewhere! :p
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yeah i know we bought 3 month old turkeys and a day or two old duck about 3 weeks ago and the duck is now bigger then the turkeys are. it is kinda crazy to me that the ducks grow as fast as they do. i know when i was looking on-line about ducks there were pics for every week but it is totally different when you see it up close when it is going on at your home.
I totally agree! My Pekins stand out especially, as I swear they grow an inch or two during the day while I'm at work. They're 5 weeks old and seriously showing feathers. I could probably see them growing if I had a whole day to sit and stare.
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Lol, my husband travels with work through the week, he walks into the laundry room and all I hrs "Jesus, what the hell are you feeding these things? Steroids?". I send pictures of my kids sitting with them on their laps to my mom every couple days and she can't believe it either. It is amazing.
I think our runners' legs grew half an inch the first night. I felt that if I could sit still long enough, I would be able to see their little bills change from tiny little sticks to beautiful full bills.

Astounding isn't it?

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