Ducks haven't broken into air cell on day 30....

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7 Years
Mar 29, 2012
North Carolina
Hello all, today is day 30 for my Welsh Harlequin eggs, and there hasn't been any progress. I just candled one to make sure that it was still alive, and they haven't broken into the air cells yet. My humidity had dropped while I was gone, but just put in some hot water and a hot towel. When is the point when I should help? Is it even possible to help if they haven't pipped into the air cell yet? I don't want to lose all 8 eggs =/ Thanks so much,

i know its different for chicken and ducks but one thing to note is ducks take longer

and as for my chicken they never break through the aircell 24 hours before hand

they just pip and then rest and then zip always just below the aircell so in candling a internal pip is never visable

its possible its same for you

wait for more better advice as i want to know to as i have ducks due in a few days

but it might be an idea to poke a hole in the center of teh fat end for air

but as i say wait for better advice before you do it
Thank you for the response. Great news! I opened the bator to spritz the eggs with some hot water since I have been having trouble getting the humidity up for the past 2 days, and on of the eggs started rocking, and then peeping at me! FINALLY. I have sat with my ear to the lid for days now. And right before the man had to leave for work. How exciting. Now it's time to get the brooder ready!

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