Ducks in a Chicken coop?

i keep my muscovies with my chickens no problem just be ready to clean the coop more often as the ducks love water and will get it messy real fast
In my personal opinion, the answer would be NO!!!! Here's why. I recently built a new chicken coop, for 10 Buff Orpingtons. I completed the coop at some point in October, and knew I wasn't getting the chickens until at least February, so my wife and I decided to house our 4 Blue Swedish ducks in the coop until the weather broke. The ducks pretty much "free ranged" on our 1/4 acre pond all summer and absolutely refuse to go inside the floating ducxk house I constructed last year. That being said, my wife was concerned the ducks would freeze on the pond so we moved them to the new coop. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.

The ducks were in the coop for about 3 months and in that time they ruined the floor with all of the water they billed out into the 12" of bedding. They have been out of the coop for 4 days and still the floor is saturated and I fear it will have to be replaced. In retrospect I should have put a vinyl floor down; however with the depth of the litter the lower portion of the walls are also saturated. Don't get me wrong I love my ducks, they add a bit of ambience to the pond, but chicken coops are for chickens. If I was ever to build another duck house it would have a wire floor.

Based on my experiences I would not house ducks and chickens together since ducks seem to enjoy spreading the water around and chickens enjoy things nice and dry.

Just my 2 cents......
without bloody fights yes
without quick skirmishes no
without a mess no
they will get along alright
make a mess
and the drakes and roos fight sometimes.
its funny to watch
My ducks are in with my chickens. They have a chicken wire wall to separate them, so the ducks keep their mess in one area. In the new coop I have both chickens and ducks together also no seration. Yes they have an area where it gets damp, but i only put a hard plastic water bowl for them to use to clean their bills. When it warms up enough I'll fill thier kiddie pool up for them to properly swim in.
Ducks in a hen house are totally fine if they just sleep in there. During the day they want to be outside. My ducks NEVER go in unless it's bedtime. Also, I only give them food and water outside, so no water is ever in the coop (other than squishy duck poo). My coop is dry, but now I am putting the ducks in with the goose in another house because (and ONLY because) the goose keeps trying to eat our new baby chicken.
It can be done would advise extra water on hand & I am cleaning the coop more than B4. And yes I still luv em!!!

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