Ducks in the house


Mar 25, 2020
Is she a rescue? she is adorable.
She is. My wife has a friend at the humane society and last December I get a call from her while she’s at work. And the conversation goes like this

wife “hey so… what do you know about pot bellied pigs? Or can you research them and see if it’s something we can take care of?”

me “what? Why?”

wife “my friend at the humane society called me today and told me about a pig that was being severely neglected and they took her from the people who had her. She is a year old and has been being kept in a cage in the basement her entire life. And I had told him in the past how we take in rescue ducks so he reached out to see if we can take her in”

Me “so is this a situation where you are curious if we can do it? Or did you already say we will”


me “…”
Wife “she’s here in my office with me…”


but she is a sweet heart and her and I are very bonded and she follows me around and wants attention all the time. She had a nightmare the other night and I had to sit with her and pet her til she fell asleep again. If I went to bed before she was ready, she came and banged on the bedroom door til I came back out heh

vet told us having a Potbelly pig will be like having a 3 year old for the next 2 years. Fun 😂

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