Ducks still not laying???


9 Years
Sep 2, 2010
Cascade Foothills, WA
My girls, 3 Mallards and a Rouen are 26 and 24 weeks old and still not laying. They have all been mated by my Rouen drake who has been happily doing the deed for at least a couple of weeks now. We put in a doghouse with lot's of straw and bedding and golf balls, hoping to entice them to lay in there, but we'd be happy of they just lay anywhere....can't find a nest anywhere. Is this within a normal time range? I keep hearing people talking about ducks that have laid much earlier....

Maybe due to the weather? My ducks (adults) usually start laying already, but with all the snow here and cold weather, no one has started yet.
Thanks so much. Yes it has been cold and we have about 17" of stupid snow on the ground and it's almost March! Last year my daffodils were all coming up! Grrrrrrrrrr. I'll just keep my eyes open. At least the chickens are happily laying away!
Yuck! We moved west to get out of the long snowy winters in the east. This is the worst it's been here since we moved. Maybe we went just a little too far into the foothills

Ranch - 8 months???? Wow....stubborn little critters, aren't they?
My muscovys took ages to start laying...worth the wait though

Wait until the weather picks up and they'll start, none of my 7 have laid an egg since November.
My muscoveys havent started laying yet, and i think they are old enough, actually i know they are old enough, is it cuz its winter, i mean winter in florida is not that bad but weve had some very cold night with ice in the duck pool and IN THE CANAL! That is the first time weve had ice in the canal, but should they are laying soon? they dont free range so the eggs have to be in the pen somewhere, and i cant find them if they are layingl...
All mine laid even through the unusual cold we had
Do you have a specific nest box for them
If not try getting a 18 gallon tote and cutting a hole in the front
Leave the lid on
My Rouen and Mallard wont lay anywhere else
Oh and they are masters of egg hiding

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