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    Hello to all. I have been lurking around this site for a couple of years but just now joined.

    I have a crew of 5 feathered friends. Two Call ducks, a Frizzle hen, a Crested Bearded Polish hen and a Silkie Rooster. I somehow managed to pick out 5 of the most dysfunctional birds possible. They are going to be 2 yrs old in April.

    Last Nov. I became so ill, I had to send them to "winter camp" as I could not care for them. They were amongst many other chickens and ducks and had a good temp home. Two days ago, I went and brought them home. No problem. They seem to have picked up where they left off ....... however, dynamics changed quite a bit. The rooster no longer crows and they are way less dysfunctional. That's a good thing. However................ my ducks won't eat. They drink water.

    Before camp, I knew they were extremely picky eaters. The only thing "extra" were worms, slugs and lettuce I put in their water. The 2 covered buckets of their chow returned with me since the "camp" didn't use it. Yesterday they snubbed their noses at it and I just noticed today. I went to the feed store and bought new chow today, thinking they were so picky they thought it was stale ...... but NO ! I know these girls and it is hard to keep enough chow in their dishes.

    Short of putting a thermometer in their vents, I held them and no apparent fever. Eyes and noses are clear with no drainage, feathers look shiny and yesterday they both took the worms offered. Today, Gladys wont eat them...... yesterday, she couldn't get enough. I also checked out their feet and saw Gladys has.... most likely Bumblefoot with swelling. (going to take care of that in 2 days ) But, the other one is fine..... But, wont eat! There is my obvious dilemma.

    Any ideas?
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    @DayZDuck any idea what winter camp fed them? It takes awhile for ducks to acclimate from one place to another and from one feed to another so what ever they may have fed them there wasn't what was in your bucket if you brought them home full. Bumble foot can be serious so treat that asap. And could be another reason why Glaydis isn't eating.

    Welcome to BYC!!
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