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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by potocki99, Mar 14, 2016.

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    So, our ducks and chicks are a week old - we have 4 of each. This is our first time raising ducks, and I am full of questions :)

    We need to move them to a new location as they have outgrown the tote. Is it to ideal to think that we can continue to raise them together? We were thinking that perhaps moving them to the kiddie pool idea would give everyone enough room?

    Looking for thoughts/ideas on what to do next. We do have 4 older hens also and we are going to have to deal with that issue too.
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    @potocki99 They sure grow fast, a kiddy pool would be a good idea but you'll need some type of fencing around the pool or you'll have chicks and duckling jumping out and running around the house. Also if you have other animals and young children you need to keep the babies safe from them.
    @needlessjunk has a setup on her profile page if you go there and scroll through. as for the older hens you will need to some how fix it where the ducklings and new chicks can live side by side with them until the ducklings and chicks can hold their own.[we advise the ducklings be almost full size ], and the hens get use to them. Older poultry can be very hard on youngins and they have no defense.
    When I have introduced chicks I always wait till they are feathered in and I let them sleep over night in a dog crate in the coop till the older chickens are use to them. Mine free range on half an acre during the day so night was the only time I really had to worry about mine they could stay clear of the older ones during the day.

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