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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by dustybin, Oct 21, 2014.

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    Oct 20, 2014
    I have 2 Roen males. They stay out on our lake day and night. I think they sleep under bushes for cover. They have a pen. but will not go in. I worry that preditors will get them. How do I entice them to go in their pen so they will be safe? (We have lost other ducks to preditors or big turtles)
  2. That is the one reason that I am glad I don't have a lake or pond for my ducks. Their instinct is to stay on the water and nest along the shoreline in plants that grow there. Going into a coop or pen is counter intuitive to them. Mine line up to go into their pen at a certain time of day everyday come rain or shine but if they had a body of water I am sure they would not. I don't have an easy answer for you except to try to train them to a schedule. If they have a favorite treat use that to lure/entice them and over time they may figure out what you want.
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    Mine go into the pen at dusk as well even though they have two ponds. The treat idea jtn mentions is the most likely to be successful. Put a bowl of their feed in the pen and some fresh water, then slowly leave a trail of treats from the pond to the pen and into the pen. Once they're in the pen, talk to them in a reassuring voice and slowly close the door. You don't want to slam it like you're a prison guard or it will probably startle them and lead to a negative association of something scary happening when they go in the pen. You want to make sure they feel rewarded for going in.

    You don't say how old they are, but this process might be challenging if they're already grown and set in their behavior. All you can do in that case is keep trying.
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    Throw peas into the pen. Mine will do anything for peas.
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  5. Ditto. I never met a duck that would not sell their soul for a pea.

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