Ducky diarrhea, but behavior has not changed

Fenris Lupa

9 Years
Aug 14, 2014
South of Chicago
I've been going over older posts that ppl have put up and the problems they're having are just a few facts different then me.

Well Floki is a 5 1/2 months old Ancona, and she just started laying eggs the beginning of this month.

And that is when her diarrhea started......and oh man is it smelly!

Her diet hasn't changed, and neither has her behavior or health.

She's still her same ol weight loss and still happy, loving and playful.

It's the worse in the morning, and that's when it shoots like a foot!

Then later in the day it's still runny, but not as bad or as smelly.

So has anyone else had this?

Is this cuz she started laying?

Any ideas?

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