dud egg???? day 18

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Dec 14, 2011
hello everyone:) wondered if anyone can help??? its day 18 and i think ive got an dud egg because the air sack is big and it just looks different to my other eggs.its a different breed
though so im unsure.wondering wether 2 take it out or leave it in??? any advise????
just would like to add this egg is bigger than the others but only looks half full.its slightly darker 2 so its hard 2 make out if theres any movement??
I would not throw it out yet, seems to have development, as long as it doesn't stink like it's gone bad it won't hurt to leave it in and see what happens. When we hatched our wellsummer eggs, we had to use an old slide projector to candle because the eggs are so dark, it's just about the only way you could candle them. Good luck, hope it hatches!!
Can you see any veins in there anywhere? By day 18 it should be quite a bit darker, and with a white egg veins should be easy to see around the edges. I think it's a dud.
Here's a pic of my duck eggs around day 21, they looked pretty close to this at 18 days.

It's a pretty bad picture, but there are veins and movement is pretty easy to see at that stage.

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