Dumb ? about one chick


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10 Years
Apr 19, 2009
Okie dokie, our one egg hatched this am ~ he seems to be doing well. Here is my "human" question ~ will he be lonely being the only chick in the bator and then brooder?
A chick needs another chick. Go to a feed store and buy one. It will not survive well without another one. In the meantime, put a small mirror in the brooder so it thinks there is another one there.
Oh boy, unless you want to go insane listening to Peep.....peep....peep and have to carry her around in a scarf all day long......get her a playmate. They do not like living alone and mirrors didn't help it when I had one.LOL They need company.:<) That and they learn from eachother and thrive much better. good luck!
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