Dumbest chicken/breeds

I'm going to have to say my cochin bantams, as much as I love them.
Probably the dumbest thing one of my cochins did, was that my little rooster picked a fight with my big Easter Egger rooster through the netting separating their two flocks. The cochin obviously got pummeled and thrown into the mud, so by the time I noticed and separated them, the dummy was filthy and soaking wet. He was unhurt, thankfully, but I think his pride suffered a bit.

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I only have one that isn’t bright, but she’s the sweetest little thing. She always looks confused when I’m feeding veggie scraps and bawks at me to get some (so I try to hide a piece for her and then she isn’t smart enough to take it.) 🙄. She also was the only hen who didn’t lay in the nest box for the first month. We would find her beautiful speckled chocolate egg in the middle of the coop floor. She finally has the hang of it now! She’s a Rustic Rambler from TSC. As a teacher, I refuse to use the word dumb…but she is intellectually challenged.

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