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Apr 1, 2007
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Sorry about my duplicate post Speckledhen, just so glad I didn't post "Why'd my chicken die?" in Emergencies, It would have got locked for sure! (duplicate post)
Sometimes we don't get time to read the thousands of posts each day. I wanted to post quickly so no one would miss it the show!
It was 9 PM yesterday here.

Love my DVR, and I'm not big on technology. So little on TV, and they always seem to run what I want to see at the wrong time, or at the same time.

It was a rerun, anyway, from 2001, so you've probably already seen it.
They aren't showing it at all on our PBS stations. I just went through the guide all the way to Sunday...

... at least I know when the Red Green show comes on now on Saturday evening.

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