Duramycin egg withdrawl time

Hi I'm Claire and new to chicken forum. I bought some Duramycin for my sick chickens. They are loosing head and neck feathers. No pecking going on and no stratching at neck. Two died this week. I can't find any mites on them and an on line vet suggested a course of Duramycin because she didn't seem to have a clue what was wrong. We have no chicken savvy vet here on the Eastern slopes of the Cascades in Washington. All 13 remaining chickens have some head and neck feather loss, on a lot, but otherwise, even the two that died this week seemed healthy otherwise. If I give them the Duramycin does that mean we can't eat the eggs?

Would really appreciate some help on this or if someone is familiar with this disease or problem!

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This keeps the original thread focused on the subject of egg withdrawal time.

If your chickens are around 18 months old, they could be molting.

edited to add: oh I just reread that two died this week....still could be molting but I don't know about the deaths.
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Hi chacha/Claire,

First off Welcome to BYC. I'm in Renton, on the other side of the Cascades.
I am not aware of a disease that causes just featherloss on the head and neck. There might be more symptoms that could narrow it down. Here is a list of questions:


You would probably be better off answering the questions and reposting in the Emergency forum. If you have pictures that would be helpful. You won't be able to post them right now so you can email them to me and I will post them for you.
You might also want to introduce yourself and ask on the Washingtonians thread. Lot's of people there that might know some resources to assist you. There is also an Eastern Washington thread.

Here's some links that might help:




Good luck

Imp- and yes if you give them Duramycin you should not eat the eggs, till it's out of their system

Yeah, but remember that by feeding the eggs back to the chickens you are extending the withdrawal times. The reason you aren't eating the eggs is because there is drug residue in the eggs, so by feeding them back to your chickens you are essentially still giving them the drug in smaller quantities.

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