Duramycin for cats?


7 Years
Apr 5, 2012
Mohave County, Arizona
I know this is an old post, but I came across it looking for info on tetracycline for cats. I have two kittens I just got to be barn cats and they have goopy eyes.

11 years ago I found a nearly dead kitten in a wall Mart parking lot with eyes so goopy they were glued shut and his nose was so clogged he had to breathe through his mouth. We all know animals don't normally breathe through their mouths. So I mixed tetracycline for aquarium fish with some canned food and gave it to him. I was dirt poor so couldn't take him to a vet, but I did save his life and he ended up being the best cat ever. Now I have a "hobby" farm and have the tetracycline 10 in the fridge and a couple of sick kitties. I was just looking for dosage and landed here. Obviously the vet should always be your first stop, but in my case, my husband hates cats and only agreed to them for rodent control and won't want to spend money on a huge vet bill for an animal he hates
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