Duramycin injectable for water or Oral?


Oct 12, 2018
We're new to BYC. We have a flock of only 4 hens and 1 rooster. One hen has been sneezing for 3 weeks She isn't getting worse or better. Another hen was a bit lethargic and has lost weight but now seems to be recovering. We have lost 2 hens randomly over the past year. They simply separated them lost weight then died. I don't want any more deaths so I did some reading and decided we are dealing with CRD now at least. I've read lots of threads about Duramycin and note that Tylan 50 is preferred but here is my situation. I went to local feed supply store and was told that they no longer sell antibiotic for chickens in TX.That one needs a vet RX. My vet for cats doesn't see chickens.( i can go to the next town over? ) Tylan was only available with a long ship time so I ordered Duramycin but after paying for it with expedited shipping I accidentally got the ineluctable. I do not mind giving shots but do not have syringes and am wondering what to do next.
I do not believe that injectable oxytetracycline can be given orally, as Tylan50 can be. The dosages are hard to caculate as well, and it can be painful when injected. Some respiratory diseases can be common infectious bronchitis, a virus which causes mainly sneezing and some congestion. Antibiotics are not necessary, and most chickens recover within a month. It can spread through a flock over months, and chicken can be carriers for up to a year. Mycoplasma (MG, CRD,) can look similar, but it may cause watery or foamy eyes, swollen eye, and more serious symptoms. It might help you do seek testing from a vet, or to get a necropsy on a sick bird to get a diagnosis. Tylan50 will treat MG, and can be found in most feed stores that sell antibiotics for cattle. Syringes with needles are necessary. Dosage is 1/4 ml per pound 2-3 times daily for up to 5 days.

A local vet can prescribe oral Tylan powder to treat the water.

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