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I currently have 10 chickens, 2 are young roosters and 8 are young hens. All are under 8 months old. 5 of the young ladies are laying. I noticed a new RIR pullet was sneezing over the weekend and by Monday morning, my main man Rocky was sneezing also. I went to the feed store and they recommended Duramycin 10 (2 tsp to a gallon of water) and I started this yesterday. Today, one of my BA girls is sneezing also. I am sure all will be sneezing and I am treating all water in the yard. They do not free range as we have many predators. My questions are about the medication...at what point are the eggs not safe to eat? Can they be cooked and fed back to the chickens? If they appear to be responding to the medication after 3-4 days, and I use it for the 14 days that is recommended, then when are the eggs safe to eat again? I have 14 4week old babies in a separate cage in the coop and started giving the medication to them also since they are exposed to all the others...was I right in doing that? Thank you all for the information I have found here!!! As a new lover of the feathered friends, I feel overwhelmed sometimes but have found so much useful info here!!! My DH is calling me a "chicken hoarder" now!!


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Hi & welcome to BYC. Sorry your first post is about sick chickens.

It is usually recommended that you not eat the eggs while they are getting the duramycin and for a couple weeks after you discontinue use.
My personal opinion is that it is OK to feed the eggs back to the chickens, but some people think it reinoculates the chickens.
I think you are right to treat everybody.


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