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    We stuck a test silkie egg in the bator 3 weeks ago to see if Dusky the rooster was doing his job. (I had serious doubts...) Dusky is a blue silkie roo, and I have no idea which one of the girls laid this egg - we have one each of splash, white, buff and mixed silkie girls.

    Well, much to my surprise, the egg was fertile, and last night our newest silkie baby popped out. I've put HER (we can hope) in the brooder with the button quail for now so she won't be a lonely child.

    Here's the newest arrival: [​IMG]


    And just for fun....here's a less than a day old silkie chick beside almost 2 week old button quail. That shows you how tiny those buttons really are! They are dwarfed at 2 weeks by a 12 hour old silkie! (and excuse the messy brooder - it's time for a cleanout!)

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    Congrats![​IMG] What a cutie [​IMG]
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    Dec 26, 2007
    Congrats! [​IMG]

    it's only day 1 with my button quail eggs and i already feel like there not going to hatch [​IMG] i'm just so nervous cuz there so tiny i never incubated eggs this small [​IMG]

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