Dust bathing!!

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    Sep 11, 2019
    Hello Chicken Ladies and Lads!

    Can anyone tell when is a good time to start your baby chicks dust bathing? They are 2 weeks old now and very rambunctious! We love them so much and they are so much fun!! Should we designate an area in the backyard and supervise?

    Thank you!!
  2. Fond memories... when mine were babies my silver sebright started rummaging in the pine shavings and scratching and kicking everything around. Thought he was having a seizure. Come to find out he was trying to dust bath. Lol. So... built them a bathing area as soon as I saw that. They start young. Lol. Also, one day thought she had died,splayed on the ground with wings spread. I was freaking out (over protective) come to find out she was sun bathing. Lol. Have fun.
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    One week ago.
    Chicks will dust bathe very early.
    Chickens like dust bathing in the sun or sun bathing after dust bathing in a cool spot.

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