Dust bathing?

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    Well, today my chickens were just jumping around in the pen as they usually do. They're not really that old, probably seven weeks now? Anyways they cleaned up all the grass out of there lickity split, so it's a dirt. I sat on the rail inside their run for a while and watched them. T The chickens started laying down and kicking everywhere and getting dirt on them again as they just discovered an hour before. I think they were dust bathing. And then suddenly one chicken flopped down on his side and lay there chewing on grass. kicking his feet trying to get dirt on him. (Which didn't work because his feet were so far away from each other) I think he actually needs someone to teach him how to do it. [​IMG] All the other chickens are looking at him like he's an idiot. [​IMG]
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    Mar 24, 2010
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    chickens have so much fun dustbathing! sometimes mine clump together in a heap of jumbled feathers-u can't tell who's who! dustbathing chickens are the picture of contentment (hmmm i may have to write that in my signiture... [​IMG] )
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    I'm not sure who enjoys dustbathing more, the chickens or me watching! It's unfortunate it looks so...um...morbid sometimes.

    Ahhhhh, mulch.
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    Haha, mine just got outside today and they're running around dust bathing and attempting to land on each other. x3

    Tinychicky, one of mine would do it and the rest would race over into the corner and there'd be squawking and squeaking as they jammed themselves into the tiny corner. [​IMG]

    Yeah ADozenGirlz, at first I thought mine was dead and freaked out. [​IMG]
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