Dusting with DE a little over 2 weeks old


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7 Years
Jun 26, 2012
Two of my chicks are really scratching and picking. I can't see any way
that they would have parasites unless they brought them home.
Can I do gentle DE dustings? I saw a couple of little pink spots that I
will medicate with the purple med tomorrow. I am going to town.
Do the little pin feathers make them itch? I've only had grown chickens
so this is NEW and mom is stressing.
I'd examine closely (see below) for lice and mites. If they are present, use recommended preparation. DE is highly irritating to their respiratory tract, and will not stop an infestation. It's not unusual for a broody to get lice/mites, and of course she will pass them on to the chicks. However, chicks are going to do a certain amount of scratching and preening because of the shedding down and new feathers coming in.


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