Dwarf Chick?


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Oct 30, 2009
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Can anyone tell me if there are "tinys" or dwarfism in chickens? These bantam Ameracauna chicks are from the same clutch, 11 days old.


Twelve hatched, 11 are the size of the chick on the left. The tiny one is active, chirpy, eats and drinks, just doesn't seem to be growing. I hauled out my gram scale last night and she weighed 19 gm, compared to 49 gm for the other. She weighed 20 gm this am. She was one of the 3 that had 'pasty butt', and hers was the worst, but that has cleared up.
Comments? Insights? Suggestions/recommendations?


My appologies for the blurry pix -- I"m no good at close-ups. Eunice
I guess they can throw off mini versions. I was raising Black-tailed White Japanese Bantams & one hen thay hatched was 1/2 the size of the others. We called her Weeble, because she wobbled when she walked. She ended up being Red-tail's supper.
I have a runt, it's now growing just as fast as the others though and I think it will catch up eventually. That one is definitley smaller. But where do you think bantam chickens came from? Just the couple of odd runts that hatched from standard size chicken eggs. Breed them runts together and you get bantams!
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Im not very experienced but I have had two chicks that were much smaller than the others. The first was a Gold Laced Wyandotte and she died at about 2 weeks old. She seemed fine and seemed like she was doing just as well as the others except she looked like a day old from the very begining. (I might ad that the GLW that died, there was alot of issues with the chicks that I had gotten from the place I got them from). The second one is a blue polish roo, (didnt get them from the same place) he is still much smaller and going on 3 weeks old. He is doing great and having no issues at all. He has finally started to come away from the day old chick look. It lookslike this guy will have a brighter outlook than the last one did.
Thanks for the encouragement! We will enjoy her as long as we have her!
Be that a few days/weeks, a few months/years!
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When I ordered chicks, 3 were Dominiques, one of them was always smaller from the start. She is still with me and she is still smaller than the one I have left. Also there is dwarfism in chickens though I don't know much about it. I did some research but it was very technical so I didn't understand it much.
I would check the hen whose egg it was and the roo. What you do about it is up to you.
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I have a tiny banty hen that is now two years old. She is perhaps 2/3 normal which in a bantys is not very big:p She lays tiny eggs but hey she's just doing it her way !
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