Dwindling guinea flock, need suggestions


13 Years
Apr 19, 2009
We had 17 guinea fowl coming of age and in the last week we have lost 15 to predators! :eek:

We have spent the morning catching the remaining two...they are currently residing in the shower! Lol


My husband says pop them in with our chickens....but I see many hazards there:

1) the more then a dozen chickens and rooster will likely peck the two odd ball guinea without some "proper introductions"

2) they would likely fly away to another area of our property and then be back in the wild with the predators who killed the rest of the flock on our property. (And catching them was not an easy task!)

So these now named, Shizzled and MaNizzle, guinea need to have a peaceful situation for the rest of their lives...I believe one is a female and one is a male (not a hundred percent, but very likely from what I could tell)

What suggestions do you have to set up a lovely secure habitats for life or incorporate them with our current flock of chickens...

Would they go into the coop naturally at night? (Like chickens do)

Should we clip their wings?

Will they try to mate with the chickens, would this be hazardous like it is when ducks try to breed chickens?

Any suggestions to help tame them so they can live happily ever after?

Are their needs similar to chickens in regards to housing?

Would love to hear all of your thoughts, suggestions, ideas, concerns, etc....
Sorry to hear about your loss.....nothing is as frustrating as losing most of your flock to predators.

Now on to your questions! You're concerned whether they will be happy living with your chickens. I don't keep mine together, but I know quite a few folks do. Since guineas live in flocks, for them to be happy, you need around 10 or 12 guineas. Since yours are just coming of age, I would keep them confined inside a coop exclusively for them for at least 6 weeks - 8 would be even better. By doing this, they know where their "home" is and the chances of them coming home nightly to roost is better. Unfortunately, they will not automatically do this like chickens, but you can train them pretty easily.

Any chances of getting some more keets to add to the flock? If you are able to, you would need to keep them separated inside the coop until they get to know each other......by the time the older ones can leave the coop, the younger ones might be able to, as well, if you act quickly.

As far as setting up a lovely, secure habitat for them, the only way that would be possible would be to keep them contained for the remainder of their lives - which wouldn't make them happy. They love to be out roaming, looking for insects - as well they should. Unfortunately, you may lose a couple each year from predators or even cars (mine love to ramble out on the road - even though they have 20 acres to wander!) Once they mature, you can set up a breeding program to add additional keets to your flock if you notice their numbers dwindling.

Hope this helps - and good luck with Shizzled and MaNizzle!!
Thank you for your reply!!! Much appreciated!

Ugh...sounds like even with the best efforts they are instinctually wild and have a mind of their own.

I think we are going to need to keep them confined for a while, because we made the mistake of clipping their wings along with the chickens yesterday...can they still roam the back yard with clipped wings? (For the most part predators do not come into our yard area, however, they do plague our surrounding vineyard and property.
Hello, we keep our chickens and guineas together in the winter and have had no real issues but we have 25. Guineas and 15 gold comet hens all did fine for 4 months together last winter And have been ranging all summer with only one loss so far. Best of luck and hope you can add a few to your flock soon they are much better in groups i think
Does a flock of chickens make up for it, or do they really need more guineas?


We are trying to decide if he will treat the guides like the chickens...he herds the chickens thru the fence all day...and if he is actually IN with the chickens he's more interested in eating their poop then herding them....
Well we just decided to wing it and put the guineas in with the chickens...


Because we lack a safe home for the guineas other wise and I didn't think they wanted to spend another day in the bathroom shower!

So far it appears the two species equally ignore, are equally content and equally fearful of one another...
Awsome they are getting along,:many folks only have two or four and they do fine we just like a big flock because of the deer ticks in our fields and enjoy all the color variations,
Yes....our original plan (when we had 17) was to let them roam free in our vineyard to eat ticks and bugs that league the vineyard...each season getting more and more, letting nature take its course with babies, etc.......but not wanting mass death on our hands! Sooooo will rethink vineyard plan and in the mean while we have two guineas mingling with the chicken flock...I'm going to help them go into the coop tonight and hopefully in time they will learn this routine!

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