Dyed silkies


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6 Years
Jun 14, 2013
For Easter we took food colloting and water and sprayed my pet silkies blue but I was wondering how I could remove this coloring from there feathers of how long it might take for it to just come out on its own
My sister used to do this to our white hens. I forgot what breed they were, ugly things, but she would tye dye them with food color. It's not going to hurt them, after about a week it'd usually go off, but it's hard to tell because she would continue to dye them and over. If you don't loose a lot I figure probably not too long. Just let them take some sand baths and they'll rub it off.
There was a thread a few years ago about someone coloring her silkie pink for her wedding....you might search and see if she posted about how long it took.

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