Dyeing chooks...?

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Someone on BYC dyed a white silkie hot pink, so it could be ring bearer at her friend's wedding. I think she found a safe dye from a dog grooming shop. It didn't harm the bird in any way. She was very outgoing, and a crowd favorite.

They also had a rhinestone tiara for her but, it wouldn't stay on. Folks were divided over the dyeing. Silkie stayed pink until her next molt.


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I guess I understand you wanting to make sure it is safe, i just can not understand why anyone would want to do it in the first place, bet or no bet.

I have never "looked it up" but I'm guessing they don't sell chick dye for a reason.
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I want to dye my white leghorn and my white cat. We have a 7month old puppy who constantly aggravates and chases both. We have a flock of 23 and this is the only chicken that she chases. It's a mixed flock with buffs, astralops, BR, RIR, amercianas and 1 white leghorn. Is dog dye the way to go?

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