Dying 6 week old chicks.


6 Years
Apr 22, 2013
Stafford, uk
I had a batch of 30 chicks. 27 light Sussex and 3 silver laced Wyandotte. There now 6 weeks old and seem to be 'dropping like flies'. There was no sign if any looking ill, all were eating happy and fine until Friday when I went in to find 2 LS dead. I removed them cleaned the pen and put new bedding down. Only to go back and find another 3 dead the same night. Still no signs of anything being wrong. Another 4 was dead Saturday morning followed by another 2 later on in the day. I took them out of the shed where I kept them an put them outside as I didn't want anything passing on to all the other chicks I have in the shed. Just before i put them outside I noticed that the feathers on the head and neck seemed all ruffled and several were sat lethargic and huddled up with eyes closed. I'm now down to 8 Light Sussex and 2 silver laced Wyandotte. With another 3 looking very lethargic today. Everything is eating and drinking up until they become lethargic.
Does anyone have any ideas what it could be or how I could treat it??? Help please!
Have spoke to a friend who has been doing poultry for 11 years and he suggest they stay outside as the risk is to high to have them back in the shed with so many other chicks and ducklings around.
Any help is really appreciated. Thank you
Is there any blood in the feces? Coccidiosis
Are they getting thin? Marek's

Several other possibilities but most would have other symptoms.
Losing that many, that fast, you need to do a necropsy. Otherwise you'll only be guessing.
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Haven't seen any blood in any feces. Also don't seem to have lost weight. They seem to eat / drink untill they go lethargic. Then within roughly half a day of going lethargic they die.
No drafts. Was off heat for over a week but the shed there in is warm as there is several heat lamps on in there
I'm leaning toward Marek's or Ulcerative Enteritis. Open one up and check the organs looking for anything unusual.
Split it from vent to crop including the rib cage.
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