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    Mar 4, 2019
    Hi All

    So I've been reading threads on electric fences, but they all seem to focus on keeping predators out. I'm interested in the their effectiveness at keeping the girls in. What's to keep them from just flying over?

    My situation is that I live on ā…“ acre. I like to let them out an hour or so before dark since I know they won't go too far that close to roosting. But I'm thinking if I give them a little space surrounded by the electric fence, that I could let them out for longer periods of time. However, I'd hate to spend the money, time and effort only to have them fly out.

    Any input would be appreciated. For that matter, any input on options for "limited free range" other than an electric fence would also be appreciated.
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    Jul 23, 2018
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    My Coop
    I keep my flock confined to a 1/4-acre pen enclosed with 48" high poultry netting powered by a 10,000 volt charger. When the flock was first confined to this pen after many months of willy nilly free-ranging, they would fly up to the edges of the wood/HC gates I made then jump off to the other side. I raised the gates. They still flew up and jumped over. I clipped wings. That got the job done.
    They do not attempt to fly over the netting. They want something solid to land on then jump over.
    Once they became accustomed to their new prison, they stopped charging the gates every time I entered or exited the pen. Everyone seems very happy and content in their new digs. They've been confined to this pen since about a week before Christmas last year.
    It is hard for a chicken to get shocked on the net. Usually what will happen when one gets it is their comb touched it then, oh boy, do you know about it!! The other chickens seem to learn from the one unfortunate enough to get too close and touch a wire.
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    feathers are insulators
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    Mar 4, 2019
    Thank you
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    My girls are in an area about 4,000SF, so that's what...1/10 acre? They have so much space they have never wanted out. My rooster used to get flustered when I got to close to him and would fly out, then he would be desperate to get back in. The most I have had at one time is 12, so it may be a space per chicken thing.

    My neighbor's chickens don't have as much room, so she clips their wings.
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