E Washington


6 Years
May 17, 2015
hello from the now official drought emergency state of Washington. I am in E Washington where we will be hardest hit with it as an agricultural area.

I have had free range chickens for many years and have just started dabbling in quail for commercial pet food purposes primarily, and maybe some breeding stock to sell down the road.

Welcome! I'm from Texas where we have been in a severe drought for quite a few years, so I understand your pain as far as agricultural. Even the hay was having a hard time. Thankfully we've been blessed with tons of rain but now the hay may not be able to cut and baled because it has had no time to dry and it's falling in the ground. We are waterlogged. Lakes are full for the first time in years!. Love quail. We haven't seen one in over 20 years here on the ranch, but I was driving down an old country road about 9 years ago and a Bobtail ran right across the road in front of me. I screamed and then cried. It was soooo good to see one and know they were still around. Fire ants killed them off here. I'll be excited to read your adventures :))))).
glad you have joined us.

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