Ear lobe color versus egg color

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    This is my first hatch. With a BO roo crossed with a white leghorn what color will the ear lobes be? I can assume that I will get light brown eggs. Does that mean they (the mutt) will have light brown ear lobes?
    We had 37 hatch and we are trying to identify our mutts. The hens are BO, EE, LG, BA, RIR, and SLW. Thanks for any help.
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    I can't tell you what color that cross will produce, but a white lobed hen will lay white eggs, while a red lobed hen will lay brown eggs. Period.

    There's no real way to judge the 'shade' of brown egg a red lobed hen will lay, Marans who lay quite dark eggs are just as red as a hen which lays pale brown eggs...

    [edit] Well, I guess there IS an exception to that 'rule' (they are living creatures after all) EasterEggers, and Ameraucana, and Araucanas -usually- have red lobes, and lay their fancy colored eggs... So, I guess white lobes mean an 'absence' of color more than red means any specific color.

    Hope that helps a little at least.
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