Earlobe & egg color question


Aug 22, 2017
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I've read that white earlobes = white eggs and red earlobes = dark eggs.

I've got 20ish week old pullets with very dark brown earlobes. Any indication what I can expect?

I realize this isn't absolutely reliable as an indication but I'm just wondering what might happen as I've never read about the kind of dark, dark earlobes my chickens have. Their roo was a French Black, Copper Marans. Their hens were a Cream Legbar (blue eggs) and a Wyandotte (light brown). And, interestingly, they're all identical except for the rose comb.

I'm hoping for some nice green eggs.
Interestingly ear lobe color with egg color is a social construct not a genetic one.

It just so happens that the chickens who lay white eggs also happen to often have white earlobes by chance or breeding. So we associate them with being linked, but it's only because our breed standards for white egg laying chickens tend to include white earlobes, not because of a genetic link. It's entirely a human-made association.

So chances are good that your dark lobed chickens means... That they have dark lobes. ;)
Dark brown egg rooster over blue egg hen, should give olive colored eggs. Dark Brown egg rooster over lighter brown egg hen will give a brown egg.

As I’ve read on here, egg genetics aren’t quite that simplistic, bc there are a few genes involved in egg color. But generally, a dark brown egg rooster is needed for olive colored eggs.
Or here...are you sure you're not looking at the ear rather than the earlobe?

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