Early Bird! :)


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7 Years
Mar 1, 2012
Finally!!!!! After a terrible first hatch, this is my second and look what I found this afternoon!!!!!!!

This morning when I left for work, there was only a little bit of the shell broken, and man, this one was determined!
This little guy hatched on day 26, and I'm not seeing much happening to the other six that were all doing good at lock down. Should I be worried or just keep waiting? Is it normal to have early birds from time to time?

Congrats on the baby duck
Generally you will get a few early hatches. Just keep waiting for the others they should be fine.

Thank you! I figured that it was probably okay that this one hatched early. Seems to be healthy just needs to dry out so I can share some fluffy duck pictures! I'm sure hoping the others are okay too.
I do have another question about the ducklings. When they first hatch, I guess the first 24 hours, should they be kind of lethargic and sleepy? I know this one has had a long day...
Ok, well that makes me feel better. This one looks healthy but he can hardly hold his head up, like it's really sleepy. He's not walking much either. This is only the second duckling I've had to hatch. My first had something wrong with his leg and he died only a couple days after it hatched. I'm just so paranoid that something could be wrong with this one too. I'm praying that this go around things will turn out better or I might just have to give up. My heart can't take much more! I know it's all par for the course...On a better note, I'm hearing more peeps from the incubator.

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