Early guesses on breed for these?


10 Years
Apr 18, 2009
MI transplant to KS
DH brought home a bunch of fuzzbutts last night. These little guys have me curious, though.

I know it's pretty early to tell, but I was thinking SS. What do you folks think?


I don't see green legs that an Easter Egger would have. Single comb, partridge like color---hmmm, far from an expert but I guess brown leghorn.
Yeah, I would *love* for them to be EE's, but the legs are yellow on all six of them.

And I know it's super early to hazard guesses with the chipmunkies, but curiosity still kills me. I'll definitely post some more as they grow, too.
I am also thinking that it isn’t an E.E, as I don’t see anything in particular pointing to that. Also SS (if that means Speckled Sussex) I would think that isn’t her/his breed because they have white legs/skin/shanks. Can you see ear color? If it is white, you may have a Leghorn. If it is red possibly a Partridge Rock (though Partridge Rocks chicks from the pictures I see don't have that perfect triangle like shape on top of their head), Modern Game, or Welsummer.
SS have pink skin don't they? Her feathers look like my SS chick, but not the yellow skin. Looks more like my EEs

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