Early hatch...when to help?


6 Years
Mar 13, 2013
Kersey, Pennsylvania
Yesterday was day 19. Had a fer internal pips and one external pip. It zipped. But eyes are closed, thinking maybe it's too early? How long should I wait to help? I know this is a long process and he/she may just be tired and taking a rest before the final pushes. I'm concerned about the yolk not being fully developed. He/she is chirping and moving around. The only thing I did was wrap it in a warm damp paper towel as the membrane started to dry out. Here is a picture. It doens't seem as though he/she is strong enough to hold its own head/neck up yet. Day 20 doesn't start for another 8 hours...I was thinking of waiting until day 21 to help so that would be over 30 hours. Of course if the movement or chirping stopped then id help sooner.
I would leave it a little longer. How long was it between external pip and zipping? From looking at your pic it looks like it should be able to get out of the egg on its own I can see its foot on the egg it should be able to use that to push its self out. As you say it could be just resting before the final push. I would try not to open your incubator so that the humidity can build to try to stop the membrane drying or your other eggs getting shrieked wrapped. Wishing you the very best of luck and hope your chick hatches ok :fl
Went to bed at 7 since I was up all not making sure the membrane wasn't drying out and checking on humidity levels/temp. Woke up at 10 to fully hatched chick. He/she is resting now but I'm glad it was able to make it out on it's own. The yolk hs been fully absorbed. he/she is a speckled Sussex rooster over a red sex link hen. As far as I can tell looks like a SS chick. :)

Congratulations on your peep :celebrate So pleased it got out ok and by itself from your pic I thought it would be able too with that foot on top of the shell !!! Good luck with the rest of your hatch :fl
Thank you! This was my first ever successful hatch, Now hes walking around pecking the other eggs I hope he doesn't peck a hoel in any of them.. Guess it's like knocking on the door...lettign everyone know it;s time to come out! haha!
Now I just gotta sit back and enjoy the show
Now you have one hatched that chick should encourage more to start hatching as you say knocking on the door. Before you know it they will popping like popcorn :jumpy
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