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I am very nervous for this batch of eggs to hatch as my last chicks didn't survive a power outage :( They are due to hatch Tuesday, so last night I began the lockdown process. One of the eggs had pipped and was making a lot of progress before I had even taken them off the turner and I did not know how to position the chick for a successful hatch. It's been 12 hours and haven't seen much progress, but many chirps are being heard!


I attached a pic and would appreciate any guidance.
Your egg is looking fine, they can be up to 24 hours from external pip to zip and hatch. Keep your humidity high and let the chick do its work. Have your temps been ok during incubation? Sometimes slighly high temps can make them hatch early. What breed are your eggs? Sometimes bantam eggs can hatch early too. I incubate mainly polish and I've had them pip day 19 and hatch 20 and they have been fine. Did you start counting your days on the day you set or after a full 24 hours of incubation? Day 1 should be after a full 24 hours.

Wishing you the very best of luck with your eggs, I hope you have a great hatch :fl
I kept it at 99-100 the whole time and humidity was 50-55%, and right now humidity is 65-68% and temps at 100. They are a barnyard mix; rooster is an Australorp and eggs are from Easter Eggers, Leg Horns, Barred Rocks, and Rhode Islands! Thank you for the input, We are very excited to see what we get from these little chicks, my 2 1/2 year old son keeps talking about "his babies"
It's been a pretty successful hatch! But, they started late Saturday evening and we still have some hatching! I might try to lower the heat and humidity for next time. We are having a hard time monitoring the heat during hatching, but heat has stayed at 99-100.


Congratulations :celebrate They are adorable, I'm so jelous I'm only on day 9 with my eggs and for some reason this time it's taking ages.

Your temps are not as critical during hatch as the chicks will be producing heat of their own. As long as they are there or near abouts you should be good.
Keep us posted on how many you have at the end of hatch.
congrats! my hatch is due 5/14--can't wait to see my babies too! keeping humidity @50% and temp at 99
I do have one emergency! During hatching chick dried up and needed assistance. It's completely caked and can't stand or spread wings. I've been wrapping it in moist warm towels alternating them and it's very feisty so I know there's hope! Anything else I should do?
Sounds like it has albumen on it (egg white) you will need to clean the chick up with warm water so it can dry and fluff up. Even just do a little at a time so the chick does not get chilled.

Good luck with the chick.

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