Early hatcher, take out or leave in

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Oct 14, 2010
Jefferson, Oregon
Lock down last night, day 18, early this AM 4 pips, one has hatched already. Before I have any more pips, should I pluck the little guy out, I am afraid he will be in there too long before everyone else hatches but I don't want to risk harming the rest of the hatch by opening up and changing the humidity. They are in a 1588 genesis, currently humidity is 70%. 21 days is Friday late evening............
I've had them hatch early like that, also with a 1588. It usually means your average incubating temperature is too warm.

If the eggs were put in at the same time, I'd leave it alone. They can easily go three days without food or water. If you started the eggs the same time, I suspect your hatch will be over before you need to take them out.

You do not always shrink-wrap every chick when you open the incubator during lockdown, even if it has pipped. But you can. I have done it in the past. I'd suggest leaving it alone until you need to take them out.

Congratulations. Sounds like you are on your way.
Thanks all, I will sit on my hands
Still have 35 not pipped yet, 3 pipped and the one overachiever! I have used this hatcher several times and not had such an early chickie before, maybe she will be the super hen....................

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