Early molting and bad winter?


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Jun 9, 2018
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Hey all! I was just wondering. Has anyone noticed if their chickens molting earlier means a bad winter is coming? I have heard from a few sources(Farmers Almanac, The Weather Channel) that it is supposed to be a colder and snowier winter than usual in the USA. I do take the predictions with a grain of salt, a lot of times weather people are wrong about tomorrows weather, let alone months from now! I was just wondering if people have noticed their chickens molting earlier is related to a bad winter. I know other animals can "predict" a bad winter. Wooly bears are darker for a bad winter, beavers and muskrats build thicker homes. Might be an interesting science experiment at least! Thoughts?
I vaguely remember my grandmother saying something like that, but honestly... I've never actually noticed if it's true.... maybe I'll pay more attention in the future. Now I'm curious lol :D

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