Early to bed?

Faith Hope

10 Years
Nov 25, 2009
What time do your chickens go to bed?

My chickens have a large pen, but I also let them free range on my property in the afternoon/evenings. They usually are all back in the coop ready to roost by 6:30 or 7 at the very latest even now when it is not getting dark till 8 or 8:30! Do your chickens go to bed that early?
I think it is the cutest thing that my mom hen takes her 3 week old brood into the coop 2-3 hours before the big girls go in.

Momma and chicks go in about 6pm est and others are in by 8:30. depends on the sun!
Here it's the old hens and the rooster that head back to the coop by 4:00 pm .. of course they are up by 5:30 am usually
Now, the younger chicks that the broodies raise are inclined to roam the barn like a pack of leather clad hoodlums and go to bed just before dark like any adolescent trying to stay out past curfew.
Mine have been packing it in by 7:30-8:00 at night. I guess all that fresh air and sunshine is tiring!
My adult go in the earliest (like 2+ hours before dark). I think maybe they are trying to get the favorite spots on the roost! They keep going in earlier and earlier.
Crazy chickens:lol:
My 7 week old chicks have been out in their coop for 2 weeks and in the run for about 9 days. They are all outside at 7 AM, but 1/2 of them want to stay out in the coop till dark--9PM here. I usually have to round up the stragglers, but the other half already have the top spots on the roost. They have 4 levels and everyone is on level 4 , so the late-comers have to go to the lower levels.
This time of year it's about 8:45 without fail. Though the dominant buff orpingtons have to 'make' a younger black australorp go to bed almost without fail every night.
Hi its coming into winter down under and the girls put themselves to bed by 5pm when the sun has gone down but not quite dark.
We have a chook cam so if they have gone in I quickly turn on the tv and watch the girls settle down and go to sleep.
Don't you just love chickens!!!! I do.

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